Gustum – A Cosy Italian Cafe and Eatery On The Wall In Chester

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Cooking a variety of special Italian classics using only the finest of ingredients,
giving our customers a real, authentic taste of Italy and a warm welcome!

putting passion & flavour into every
dish we prepare for our customers


Our Story

I came to Chester 20 years ago and fell in love with the city that I’ve decided to stay.

Used to manage few venues around the city till the moment I chose family over the hospitality industry. Started to work in IT and after selling the company over one year ago, decided to return to my first “love”, always had this crazy idea to open a small and warm “cafe’” where people could come to eat some freshly made ciabattas and sandwiches, prepared with some Italian delicacies and some other products sourced locally when possible, while having a friendly chat, without forgetting those with special dietary requirements such as Gluten free, allergies, vegans etc. So Gustum was born. What better place than the Roman walls in Chester?

Our menu is in Latin, recalling a little bit the history of Chester itself. Latin was the language spoke by my ancestors over a thousand years ago. Sometimes I joke with friends and say: I am the last of the legionnaire, when the last Roman Legion left, I’ve volunteered to stay behind and watch over the city from the City Walls! Here I am, standing watch and hope to look forward for many years to come.


Authentic Italian Experience


Roasted Lamb

With Mushroom & Pork Pate

BBQ Duck

With Mixed Salad & Orange

Smoked Chicken

With Special "Gustum" Salad

Aberdeen Angus Burger

With Mushrooms & Spinach

Authentic Italian Specialties


Authentic Italian Hospitality